Nice to meet you

Gianmarco Altieri, here 😎

What I do

I'm a Business Developer in the digital consultancy, system integration and IT industries.

Where I work

I'm working as Business Developer in alpenite, digital system integrator with italian HQ in Venice.

Gianmarco Altieri

My story

The background

My digital adventure started selling my study notes (LOL), during my University studies. Thanks to H-FARM and some of its companies (Henable, LIFE, H-FARM Industry), I discovered beautiful and breathtaking things that I "stole" and put in my life backpack: I discovered my love for things like presentation design, interaction design, mobile & web development (still counting). I love talking with the people, working together making the world a better place. I worked for several years in some of the most talented creative agencies, in Italy; the latest, H-ART, a WPP - AKQA company.
I manage teams, budget and time on digital projects for companies. I've worked also in Codognotto SpA, a logistic and international transport company, helping IT and Marketing&Innovation teams managing their projects.

Today, in alpenite, I'm part of the amazing Sales Team: we help companies finding technological solutions to their needs. Sometimes we help them finding their needs, at first.

There's always space in my life backpack. Drop me a line!

Previous Experiences

Project Manager & Operations Manager

Gen 2018 ↦ May 2019


Digital Project Manager

Dec 2016 ↦ Dec 2017


Project Manager

Sep 2015 ↦ Mar 2016


Project Manager

Sep 2015 ↦ Mar 2016

LIFE Interaction

Project Manager

Apr 2014 ↦ Sep 2015

LIFE Interaction

Interaction Designer

Apr 2013 ↦ Apr 2014


Web Strategist

Sep 2012 ↦ Jun 2013

Thounds Inc.

Social Media Intern

Dec 2011 ↦ Mar 2012

Masarà Group

Web Strategist

Oct 2011 ↦ Oct 2012


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